Radiation Detection

Diamond is gaining wider acceptance as an active material for solid-state radiation detection.  Its high displacement energy makes it robust in harsh environments and its high band gap enables for low noise/low voltage applications.  Some examples of successful applications:

  • Medical dosimetry in radiotherapy where the detector is nearly water-equivalent and the response is linear with dose, rate, energy, type of radiation (photon, electron, proton), and direction.
  • Diamond is used as a neutron detector for fluence and profile monitoring in fission and fusion applications. As a substitute for He3-based detectors, diamond detectors are being studied for neutron dosimetry, imaging, spectroscopy, counting and time-of-flight applications. Click here for info on our standard detector offering.
  • Geophysical prospecting for well-logging where durability is an attractive benefit in a stable detector must be rugged in an environment of extreme vibration, heat and humidity.

Looking for a custom solution?  Click here to see information on detector assembly capabilities.