“Why Diamond?”

Why Diamond?

Diamond is a unique material in many ways beyond just its position on the Mohs scale. It possesses the highest thermal conductivity of any material, low thermal expansion, and possesses incredible electrical resistivity. These characteristics make it suitable for applications where precision is a necessity or conditions are extreme. As costs of CVD diamond comes down, diamond is finding greater use in science and industry.


  • Highest thermal conductivity  of any material, up to 2000 W/mK
  • Low absorption coefficient allows higher power outputs to be transmitted through the window without suffering damage or distortion.
  • Widest transmission spectrum from visible to far IR — from 220 nm to >50 µm—x-ray, infrared, terahertz and microwave
  • Hardest material known to science
  • Highly chemically inert
  • Wide band-gap semiconductor material
  • Electric insulator with high breakdown field strength

Applied Diamond has been working with diamond since 1986 and has developed multiple products and processes to work with the type of diamond appropriate for your application. We can work with almost any size and shape requirements to get you the part you need to achieve your goals and are constantly expanding our list of capabilities.