Tungsten Carbide Knives

Our line of tungsten carbide knives are effective for plastic work, for bone and hard materials embedded in MMA, and to replace glass knives for softer tissue and materials embedded in GMA. For working with tissues embedded in glycolmethacrylate (GMA) or performing routine plastic sectioning of JB4.



These cost effective knives offer outstanding section quality, easily cutting through a variety of densities with consistency and are unconditionally guaranteed.

Applications Benefits
MMA Sectioning of bone and hard materials Outstanding section quality with consistency
Frozen sections of bone and hard materials One-week turnaround time on new knives
Composites of plastic materials with metal or fiber fillers Technical assistance through large network of users
Arterial stents embedded in MMA Unconditional guarantee
GMA sections of hard tissue Productive versus hand-grinding
Study of coatings / cohesion on various material Easily cuts through a variety of densities


100% solid high grade tungsten carbide. Recommended for: hard tissue, bone or material embedded in MMA or GMA, frozen material

Cutting edge 16 cm Cutting angles available 35°, 45°, 55°
Blade height 3.44 cm Section thickness 1-15 microns

A special cryo tungsten carbide knife is available for cryo applications. For ease of handling and use of the full 16mm edge length, the tungsten carbide blade is embedded in a steel holder. This knife is available in both C & D profiles.