Membranes and Foils

Diamond Membranes & Foils

Superior Properties for Next Generation Applications

An excellent material for use in high energy research applications; diamond’s tensile strength, beam resistance, low noise, fast response and transmission across a variety of wave lengths, make it a superior material for a variety of challenging applications.

Used in high energy, x-ray and thermal isolation applications. Applied Diamond creates foils, films, windows and detectors which out-last and out-perform alternative materials. Our years of experience and manufacturing innovations have led to cost effective solutions for our clients’ next generation applications.

Free standing diamond membranes can be produced in single crystal or polycrystalline down to a thickness of 10 um.  A dry etching process can be used to reduce the thickness of free-standing parts to 5 um.   In addition, we produce polycrystalline diamond as thin as 30 nm to 1 um attached to a silicon frame.

Single crystal and polycrystalline CVD diamond can be configured for the following applications:

  • Particle detectors—UV, X-ray and electron beam
  • Beam diagnostics and positioning -luminescence screens that remain in the beam during measurement
  • Stripper foils- need is longer lasting foils with heavy ions—for generation of highly ionized particles, nuclear physics.
  • Synchrotrons
  • ultra-thin X-Ray Windows
  • radiation detectors for heavy ions
  • Novel laser-ion acceleration schemes aiming for ultrahigh particle energies.

Such membranes may be free standing or attached to a supporting frame.