Diamond Plates

Diamond Plates: Single Crystal and Polycrystalline

Applied Diamond has 20 years of experience growing diamond plates of various qualities for an extensive variety of research and industrial applications.  The combination of diamond’s extreme hardness, thermal conductivity, chemical and pressure resistance, and electrical resistivity make it a unique material for experiments and applications in extremely difficult conditions. Diamond can do things that other materials just can’t.  Modern techniques have enabled us to make bespoke plates that meet the demands of any challenging situation.

We can provide diamond plates in four different qualities:

  • Optical Grade – highly thermally conductive, 1700-1800 w/mK
  • Electronic Grade – highly thermally conductive, 1700-1800 w/mK
  • Thermal Grade – opaque diamond, 900-1000 w/mK
  • Tool Grade – black diamond 700-800 w/mK

Thermal and Tool Grade, while not as conductive may still be ideal for your application and can be a more cost effective option.

Plates can be either single crystal or polycrystalline in type and we can polish and shape them to suit.  Circles and squares are the most common, but we have experience with exotic shapes and can apply edges if required.  Combined with our other capabilities, we can build custom diamond plates for almost any application.