Custom Diamond Synthesis

Applied Diamond can help with your experiments by providing custom diamond materials.  Our CVD systems are setup with flexibility and safety in mind so the ability to vary growth recipes or add custom ingredients is built right in.

Semiconductor device developers can now source diamond materials with specific levels of p-type or n-type dopants, as well as diamond synthesis with isotopically enriched methane.  When combined with our superior polishing capabilities, substrates are available to build diamond-based devices for power conversion, RF power amplification and other applications.

Quantum photonics researchers are looking for diamond materials with known levels of nitrogen defects and/or isotopic enrichment.  Applied Diamond will work with you to source the feed gases necessary and to design the diamond growth runs for providing the range of materials needed for your experiments.  Recent work with quantum sensing customers has led to capabilities with silicon doping in single and polycrystalline diamonds.

Call on Applied Diamond with your ideas for custom materials to advance your research work.