Aerospace and Defense (archive)

Applied Diamond has fabricated parts for several extreme defense applications, including satellite communications, military equipment and naval vessels.   The increases in power associated with these high tech applications has resulted in failures using traditional materials.  The company has been involved in research projects involving using diamond as a semiconductor material and diamond deposited directly in trenches of GaN wafers to more closely align the diamond with hot spots.  The ultra high  thermal conductivity of diamond enables heat to be to dissipated more effectively.   In many cases these parts are metalized in many cases and bonded directly to  SiC and GaN.  For more information on the heat spreader products offered by Applied Diamond See our heat spreader products page. 

We also have supplied diamond windows made from both Single Crystal and polycrystalline diamond  for a variety of military components, vehicles and crafts applications.  NASA has also used our diamond windows for applications requiring spectral range from mid and far IR and UV.   The inertness of diamond windows has made it an attractive material for use in MARS missions.  Additional information regarding our diamond windows products can be found on our diamond optics page.

Applied Diamond has also researching Cherenkov detectors and Diamond Electronics, with SC diamond grown directly on Si.