Diamond Heat Spreaders

Applied Diamond can build heat spreaders for the most extreme possibilities.  As a material, diamond has no peer as a semiconductor medium.  The unsurpassed thermal conductivity of diamond and its high electrical resistivity allow for better performance across virtually all measures of semiconductor performance.  The ability of diamond to insulate high voltages across much thinner layers of material enables diamond to be used in lightweight applications.

Applied Diamond offers three thermal conductivities tailored to the cost/performance requirement of our customers:

  • Low – black diamond 700-800 w/mK
  • Medium – opaque diamond 900-1000 w/mK
  • High – optically clear diamond 1700-1800 w/mK for the most difficult heat problems

We can make spreaders with lithographically patterned metallization and electrically isolate top and bottom surfaces.

Metallization solutions include:

  • Titanium, Platinum and Gold
  • Titanium, Nickel Gold
  • Chrome, Gold

We can offer heat spreaders with the following characteristics:

  • Range of thicknesses available: up to 1mm thick
  • Very flat and low roughness ensuring ease of attachment and minimized thermal interface resistances
  • Diamond is grown on 2” wafers  that can be laser cut to any required size
  • Flat, smooth diamond with Metallization solutions enabling die bonding, standard soldering and brazing