Vacuum Brazing

Applied Diamond uses active brazes in a variety of vacuum apparatus for brazing diamond parts and shapes to holders of various designs. Brazing of diamond to other materials is always done in a vacuum or inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation.

Use vacuum brazing for:

  • Bonding single crystal or CVD diamond parts to tool shanks and inserts.  Brazing provides a very strong joint prior to edge finishing of tools.  The metallic filler material allows rapid transmission of heat from the cutting zone to the bulk of the shank and holder.
  • Vacuum-tight joints between diamond windows and vacuum fittings.  Filler metals are high vacuum compatible and allow what little energy that is absorbed by the diamond to be readily transmitted (as heat) to the flange which can be water-cooled.
  • CVD diamond film applied to tungsten carbide backing.  We can provide diamond tool blanks in a form that you can readily braze in air to tool steel shanks and sharpen in-house using your standard production equipment.
  • Diamond shapes sintered between powder metal blanks.  These purely mechanical bonds are useful for dressing, scribing and many other tool applications.

Vacuum brazing is just one more operation we can use to solve your difficult diamond applications.