Custom Synthesis & Assemblies

Applied Diamond has built a large array of capabilities and processes to help customers create new prototypes or experimental assemblies for a wide variety of uses. Do you have an idea, but lack the research capability to realize it? We would be happy to co-operate with you on the research. We take the time required to discuss your idea with you, listening and trying to understand your requirements, so that an optimal result may be achieved. Then, we combine the technologies we have available, in creative ways, to achieve a performance and economic result we both consider successful.


Applied Diamond has over 30 years of experience in many fields of diamond technology. Our successful processes for synthesizing diamond include both poly- and single crystal synthesis.  We have grown diamond with a variety of dopants and customized levels of carbon isotope purity.  We have created many custom diamond shapes including cones, hemispheres, domes and wedges.  While most requests are for very smooth surfaces, tailored roughness levels are sometimes also possible.  Often we work with our customers’ engineers to optimize their designs for diamond.  We then produce the holders and apply the diamond making the prototypes they need for performance testing.  We can realize your designs quickly and reliably and work closely with you to optimize the product, both technically and economically.


  • MWCVD diamond synthesis reactors with thin and thick film capability.  Each has recipe-driven control and custom gas feed installed.  Proven polycrystalline and homoepitaxial growth recipes are available.
  • Wide variety of substrate preparation options
  • CAD-driven laser cutting
  • Polycrystalline diamond polishing
  • Single crystal diamond polishing
  • Etching processes for substrates and diamond films
  • Full machine shop capability for holder/support prototyping
  • Vacuum furnace/press for brazing
  • Precision assembly and measurement

If you’re curious about how diamond would work for your application or require some expertise to make your application a reality, we can step in at any stage to build a prototype for you.