About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Applied Diamond is to use the extraordinary properties of diamond to help our customers push their products to new heights. Applied Diamond serves the technical and scientific applications of diamond from its laboratory facility in Wilmington, Delaware. The site is well equipped with the latest technology for growing CVD diamond materials and performing all the necessary steps to turn this material into finished products.

Applied Diamond’s diverse product line includes products for IR spectrophotometers and high energy beam lines, machining and wear resistance, heat sinking of electronic devices, CO2 laser and microwave windows, MEMS and biosubstrates, even some decorative uses. Our clients are located worldwide including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Our success with CVD films is built upon years of experience.

Our History

Applied Diamond Inc. has been involved with CVD diamond films since 1992 when researchers, growing the first films, sought our expertise in turning their materials into finished products. Our laser cutting, grinding to thickness, polishing, even brazing helped them prove the many applications where CVD diamond is currently used. In 1999, we acquired the microwave plasma CVD reactors used by ASTeX for its process development efforts and can now offer material as well as post-processing to our growing list of customers.

An active program to expand our offerings advances new applications for diamond. Our willingness to try new things supports the research activities of many academic and corporate research departments. The equipment, for both growing and post-processing, grows as our customers’ growing businesses require. Our product development efforts continue to provide solutions to our customers’ most pressing application problems.